Shopping a Leros

On the island of Leros you can find all kinds of shops. The interest of the tourists and visitors is attracted by the shops that sell local products, souvenirs and folk art, as well as food items, all of them scattered throughout the island.

Due to the special tax regime that is active in Leros Island and some other Dodecanese islands about the reduced VAT in relation to the rest of Greece and the rest of Europe, the prices of many products in Leros are lower and in many cases, it’s best for someone to buy something that will be probably more expensive in his country.

Shopping hours in Leros Island

Local shops

Monday-Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 09.00-14.00 & 17.00-21.00,

Wednesday - Saturday 09.00-14.00,


Department stores

Monday-Friday 09.00- 21.00, Saturday 09.00- 18.00,