The People of Leros

From antiquity to today, the people of Leros have been influence by foreigners and Greeks alike who have come to the island. However, they have somehow always managed to gain positively from the various cultures, to isolate themselves to a certain degree and in doing so have managed to preserve their own genuine tradition and maintain their identity.

During the early Christian era, Leros enjoyed a cultural boom and much prosperity. Good respectable citizens, warm, open-hearted and hospitable the people of Leros have always loved their land and everything that binds them to it.  As islanders, most were always able sailors and fishermen. Only a few were farmers, given that the island is small and good, agricultural land is limited. Among them, however, one could meet excellent craftsmen and artisans who built boats and homes.

Today’s Lerians love and develop culture and tradition and they enhance their spirituality as best they can.

The Folkloric and Historical Museum of Leros is housed in the restored Tower of Beleni (Alinda village) and exhibits rare artefacts. In the Modern Archaeological Museum, fine artefacts dating from the island’s pre-historic, historic and medieval periods are on the display.   Inscriptions, grave markers, coins, mosaics and vessels are but examples of what can be seen upon visiting the museum.

“Without jeopardizing and betraying their local customs and traditions, the people of Leros have managed to harmoniously adopt the positive elements of modern life.”

Every summer, the Municipality of Leros and the local Municipal Organization for Cultural Development and Welfare organise a number of cultural and artistic events in close collaboration with local associations. Such events include concerts, theatrical performances and productions, water sports, art exhibitions and lectures.

The Lerians state their presence in every way and participate as best they can, they are proud of their identity and their home land, and love it deeply and keep it dear to their hearts wherever they may go.

They are proud, insubordinate people. Throughout the island’s long history and difficult times, the fierce temperament of the people of Leros proudly kept the Greek flag flying high even when conquerors and various conquistadores tried to leave their mark on the island. Heads were held high while demonstrating the strong will of free-spirited people who never forget.