Leros Official Travellers Guide

Unspoilt Aegean colour for peaceful holidays with a scent of authenticity and pristine nature that will enthrall you

This magical corner of the Aegean sea, where song and rhythm, sun and sea co-exist harmoniously, was chosen by the goddess Artemis to build her throne. And ever since people have built castles, temples, monasteries and homes which respect the natural environment and historical heritage, preserving the special, unadulterated character of architecture on the islands of the Dodecanese.

Wherever you look, your eyes are greeted by beautiful sights. Low-lying hills inscribe shapely lines along the horizon, endless verdant planes reach languidly for the sea. And the Aegean, full of light; its waves joyfully cartwheeling into coves, bays and harbours sheltered from the winds and adding their silkiest caress to serene shores. This is Leros. Authentic and human, it invites you for family holidays on an island where the herb-scented breeze will blow away all your cares. Modern tourist facilities, unique beaches with numerous options for water sports and remarkable cultural events will make your stay unforgettable.

Things to do in Leros

Business and Pleasure

Leros is gradually being established as an attractive conferences destination for mostly smaller scaled conferences and seminars. Its natural beauty, cultural heritage and exceptionally friendly local people and its traditional hospitality and the high level of service renders the island as a magical conference destination. There is a 300 seat conference centre on the island near the ideal location of Krithoni as well as the 150 seat capacity conference centre of the Holy Metropolis located at the Alinta which has a spectacular view onto the blue water of the Aegean Sea. Both centres have all the necessary facilities to accommodate the successful organization of the seminars and conferences. The cinema/theatre at Lakki is under construction and is scheduled to be ready in 2006 and will certainly be the perfect conference centre. Regular air and marine service to the island guarantees the timely transfer of the conference attendees. The small distances between the surrounding islands of Patmos, Leipsous, Arkious, Agathonisi and Kalymnos, enables visitors to enjoy the beauty both Leros and the neighbouring islands.

The hamlets

Dotted all over the island, the hamlets enchant with the simplicity of their structure, the unadorned beauty adapted to the natural environment by experienced Lerian builders.

Agia Marina

Traditional residences, stately homes and Italian buildings in ochre and terracotta form a harmonious architectural ensemble. An idyllic, romantic place with the windmill that seems to float in the sea and a view to the entrance of the large bay where the natural harbour is situated.


This is the capital of the island. Along the ridge of the hills a cluster of windmills gazes out at the sea. Indubitably, a place where the stunning view of the Aegean will keep you sipping at that coffee a little while longer.

Panteli village

With an atmosphere all of its own, this fishing village is rightly considered to be one of the most picturesque spots on the island. A little gift to the sea, welcoming fishing caiques as well as luxurious pleasure craft and enchanting all-comers with the simplicity of its beauty.


The main port of the island is set on gentle, rolling downs. Neoclassical buildings on one side and whitewashed houses on the other create a remarkable composition of shapes, colours and textures which has architects and artists purring with appreciation. Naturally enough, the kind of beauty found there is one that relaxes both the spirit and the senses.

Castle of Panagia (Virgin Mary)

In the north-east of the island the castle dominates the skyline like a sleepless guard keeping vigil over the entire region, from Patmos and Kalymnos to the coast of Asia Minor. In the Castle you will find the church of the Holy Mother which celebrates on August 15th with a big feast, as well as the church Museum with priceless sacred objects. Take a stroll ascending to the beautiful neighbourhoods of Platanos. The view is something else! The sky, the sea and the works of humanity in an apotheosis of harmony.

Bellenis Tower

Built entirely of local stone in 1925, the two-storey stately home houses the Historical Museum, the Folklore Museum, the Press Museum and the Municipal Art Gallery and Library.

Beaches on Leros

On Leros, you will find organized beaches, secluded bays as well as small coves, all awaiting your enjoyment; they include Panagies, Krithoni, Panteli, Ksirokampos, Koulouki as well as Vromolithos, Gourna, Blefoutis and Agia Kioura. Enjoy moments of carefree relaxation in their blue waters.

War Museum

A network of subterranean and above-ground ammunition depots nowadays constitutes a museum with a wealth of exhibits that will catapult you through a history of combat.

Agios Isidoros

A picturesque church built on an islet connected to the mainland by a small strip of land, as photogenic as the many couples who have tied the knot there.

The Allure of the Deep..

In recent years, there has been an increase in theme diving activity. Leros has the opportunity to develop the island as a diving holiday destination. It has a very large area with great ecological value and an ideal underwater ecosystem that ‘harbours’ a great number of World War II shipping wrecks. The Underwater Archeological Services have released the following two underwater areas of Leros from its protection and underwater activity is now allowed.

1. The Cape of Soumari until the Cape of Mavros Kavos.

2. The area under the Bay of Xerokambos to the Bay of Diapori.

The Municipality of Leros has asked the release of 7 World War II ship wreks and to permit them to be assessable to divers. Thus, equip yourselves with scuba gear and take a trip the he depths of the sea surrounding Leros. It is certain the simple beauty will sweep you away. Please note that scuba diving is allowed in Leros only in designated underwater areas.

Tasty Aegean cuisine

The freshest fish, delicious local meat and herbs from the fields are the basic ingredients that make up the cuisine of Leros. Make sure you try patsavouropita, the local version of yiaourtopita ( Greek yoghurt cake) and quench your thirst with a local beverage known as “gavafa”.

Virgin Mary of Kavouradena

One of the most delightful and picturesque churches of the island is near Ksirokampos village, built on a rock on the coastline.


  • Book your airline ticket relatively early. Otherwise, you risk not finding your preferred flights and accommodations.
  • Pack comfortable, light clothing.
  • Keep an abundance of film stocked for your camera or plenty of memory on your memory card for your digital cameras. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words!’
  • Forget your diet (!) for the duration of your holidays on Leros.
  • Pack a pair of sports shoes in your suitcase.
  • Do not forget your hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and suntan lotion and... why not, equip yourself with fishing gear and enjoy fishing at any one of the island’s wonderful fishing spots.
  • Allow the natural beauty of Leros to put you into a very good mood and set out on a most memorable and adventurous journey!
  • Take a deep breath, and start your tour of the island on foot.
  • Should you wish to combine the organization and the professional participation in a conference with a few relaxing, carefree days of leisure, Leros is your ideal destination for both such activities.
  • Enjoy the crystal, clear and safe sea surrounding Leros by doing a variety of water sports at any one of Leros’ beautiful beaches.
  • Experience the magic of a scuba dive into the depths of the sea surrounding Leros. Truly this will be an unforgettable experience for all.
  • Drop your boat’s anchor into the island’s naturally protected port.